Frequently Asked Questions


Have you ever dreamed about SCUBA diving Fiji’s amazing soft coral reefs?  Maybe you’re planning your big diving holiday and need some information about what the scuba diving in Fiji is really like. 

From general information like ocean temperatures and visibility to more specific information about diving with Dive Wananavu Fiji here are some of the more commonly asked questions from our divers.  If you have a question that is not covered please feel free to contact us directly with your questions.


Where is Wananavu Resort Located?

  • Wananavu Beach Resort is located on the most northern point of the main Fiji island of Viti Levu off the Kings Highway.  Transfers from Nadi International Airport to Wananavu take approximately two-and-a-quarter hours and are included with all week long scuba diving packages.   We’re located on the same island as the main airport our guests do not have to worry about some of the major luggage restrictions the smaller commuter airplanes face transferring to the outer islands


What is the water temperature while SCUBA diving Fiji?

  • Water temperature varies from season to season, but not by much.  During the Fijian Summer (Nov-March) our water temperatures are the warmest 81-84 F (27-30 C).  During our winter (May-Sept) our waters run a bit cooler at 75-79 F (25 C).


What thickness wetsuits do you recommend for Fiji SCUBA diving?

  • Most of our divers are comfortable in a 3mm full or short suit year round while others prefer to layer up to a 5mm full suit during our winter.


How many divers will be on the boat?

  • Dive Wananavu has two custom built dive boats; the ‘Nami’ which comfortably holds 12 divers (plus crew) and the 'Nami Lailai' which can hold 6 divers plus one divemaster.


How big are your dive groups?

  • We believe SCUBA diving is meant to be a small intimate experience which is why we limit our dive groups to 6 SCUBA diving customers per our in-water Divemasters.


How far/long of a boat ride to your dive sites?

  • There are three areas in the Bligh Waters we dive that range from just a 20 min boat ride to the close Sailstone Reef up to an hour out to the Vatu-I-Ra Passage.


Is there a minimum number of people needed to go to the Bligh Water?

  • First the title of Bligh Water actually covers all the areas Dive Wananavu Fiji dive (Sailstone Reef, Midway Reef and the Vatu-I-Ra Passage). The Vatu-I-Ra Passage is the area people refer to with the title “Bligh Water.”  But to answer the question, Yes we do need a minimum of two (2) people to go to the Vatu-I-Ra Passage so convince your dive buddies to come with you to dive!


The last time we dove at Wananavu we were told there was a surcharge to dive out at the Vatu-I-Ra passage, is this still the case?

  • No.  A few years ago the diving at Wananavu was contracted to outside scuba diving centers. Since then the owner of Wananavu created Dive Wananavu to offer a better scuba diving experience to reflect the style and level of service Wananavu clients have come to expect.  One way we have done this is by removing the surcharge to visit the further out dive sites, we push as far out everyday as the weather safely allows.


What is the average visibility at Wananavu?

  • Our visibility averages 40-100 ft (12-30m) ft year round some days are better than others and June-Sept averages towards the high visibility.


What size/kind of tanks do you use?

  • We use the industry standard Aluminum 80cf (11 L) scuba tanks.


What kind of tank valves do you offer?

  • All of our tanks use the US standard Yoke style valves.  We do have two DIN-to-Yoke adapters available for rent for FJ$4/day per adapter.


Does Dive Wananavu offer NITROX?

  • Yes! We offer on-site nitrox with our membrane nitrox compressor.  We fill Nitrox32 and pricing is FJ$26/tank or we offer an unlimited nitrox pass which covers five days unlimited nitrox diving for FJ$200.


What is your average dive profile?

  • Most of our dive sites allow for multi-level diving and we allow our divers to dive their own profile as long as they stay with their dive guide.  We recommend diving shallower than 100 ft (30 m) for most of the dives and then let the diver work their way up the reef until they are low on air or no-decompression time.


Do you limit your dive times?

  • Our divers are encouraged to dive as long as their limits and air safely allow.  We ask our divers to follow their computer and stay with-in their NDL’s (No Decompression Limits) and be back on the boat with at least 400psi. If we have a large dive group diving we leave it up to the dive group to determine what is acceptable. i.e. if one person in the group keeps doing 80 min dives while the rest of the group is on the boat after 40 min it’s up to the group to decide where to draw the line.


How many dives can I do each day?

  • Our boats go out every morning for a 2-tank dive trip. We leave at 8:30am and return between 1-2pm. Because our dive sites are a bit far away, most guests are content to do two dives in the morning, have lunch and then relax the rest of the day. If time allows and we have enough divers interested, we can sometimes do one afternoon dive at a local dive site, but is weather dependent.