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Take a ride on one of our boats to our outer reefs to see open ocean snorkeling at it’s finest!

But, before we jump in to swim with the fish above he coral, we take you to Dolphin Paradise. A special place where a pod of 30-40 dolphin swim around and under the boat. Lean over the edges of the boat or sit on the bow and take photos as the dolphins dance in the water and jump out to splash all around! It’s truly a site to behold. After the dolphins, we snorkel for about 30 minutes and come back to the resort. Water, towels, and snorkeling gear are provided.

Total Trip Time: 2.5 hours

Cost: $125.00 per person

Please note: We do NOT swim nor snorkel with the dolphins – the snorkeling portion of the trip is with beautiful soft coral and tropical fish. Trip is weather dependent.