On the Water

wananavu is surrounded by clear blue oceans full of bountiful fish life, providing a world-class fishing adventure, for both novices and more experienced fishermen.

Guests wanting a more relaxed experience on the water can take a guided boat tour and soak up the beauty of this Pacific paradise.

On the water Activities Include:

  • The bountiful Bligh Waters offer some superb fishing opportunities. Our knowledgeable boat boys can take you daily in search of Tuna, Spanish Mackerel, Giant Trevally, Snapper & Barracuda. Sailfish and Marlin are seen in the area and maybe you’ll be one of the lucky few to catch one!
  • Handline fishing provides a more relaxed fishing experience, and if you reel in a big one that’s an added bonus.
  • The Island Discovery takes you on a guided tour of the three Nananui Islands. The guides know all there is to know about the islands, including some interesting local gossip. Plus you can stop for some stunning snorkelling.
Check the board in reception, glance through your in-room compendium or have a chat with the boys down at the Activities Bure about what’s on offer daily.

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