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*Garden View Bure        - FJ$124 per person per night
*Ocean View Bure         - FJ$162 per person per night
*Beachfront View Bure - FJ$204 per person per nigh


Can I bring children?
Yes you can! We welcome children of all ages. Please be advised we don't have an official Kids Club but there is plenty for children to do. Baby sitters are available at very reasonable rates.

What should I wear?

Casual, loose, comfortable wear. Cotton is good. A sweater / wrap is advisable in our winter months for the evenings.

Do you have mosquitos?
We do have a few at sunset but nothing to be concerned about. There is no problem with malaria.

Do I need any inoculations before I come?

Absolutely not!

Do you have internet?
Yes, we have wireless internet throughout the resort

Can I self cater?
You can if you are staying in one of the 2 bedroom bures, but we don't recommend it. Supplies are limited in Rakiraki!

Do you cater for groups?
We can cater for groups of all sizes.

Do you have a kids club?

No we don't, but there are plenty of activities for children of all ages.

When's the best time of year to come?
Any time is a good time in Fiji! The wet season runs from December through March but there's a reason our region is called the Suncoast!

What about the political situation in Fiji?
The political situation has very little bearing on eveyday life in Fiji - reports are overstated by a press desperate for news. Fiji is incredibly safe and there is no reason whatsoever not to come. This is our home and you are welcome!

Can I change money there?
Yes you can change reasonable amounts of all currencies.

Where's the nearest town?
Rakiraki (Vaileka) is about 15 minutes away by car. A very typical small Fijian working town.

Do you have a meal plan?
Yes, we do and it's thoroughly recommended.

Do you have disabled access / facilities?

Unfortunately we don't.

Do you have a beach?
Yes we do!

Is it safe to swim?

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